Bringing Law & Order To Business
“HGA added energy and fire power to our approach to innovation. They opened new avenues and partnering options to grow our portfolio and have positively challenged our thinking in the process.”

Charlie Martin, President & CMO, ACH Foods

We work with companies both large and small

While we are good at what we do, we’re not much for sitting around the campfire telling tall tales. We only saddle up with companies when we believe we can add tremendous value. If we think another firm might do a better job, we’ll send you their way.

In this business -- reputation matters -- and nearly all of our business comes by way of referrals.  In addition to numerous other confidential assignments, Hired Gun Advisors consultants have worked with or for the following companies:

Our clients

We pride ourselves on flexibility

Depending on your circumstances, Hired Gun Advisors may assist companies on a project specific, ongoing advisory or interim management basis.

Hired Gun Advisors consultants have extensive experience supporting entrepreneurial companies faced with execution challenges or by functioning as a "virtual" board of directors, guiding smarter strategic choices.

For select businesses, Hired Gun Advisors may make investments through Green Ink Ventures, LLC.